Your Body Is Perfect For A Sexy Photo Shoot Right Now

Your Body Is Perfect For A Sexy Photo Shoot Right Now


With airbrushed images of expertly posed models dominating social media and magazines, and actresses with precisely planned meals and multiple workouts each day on all our favorite shows, it can feel hard to be in our natural skin. Women are told from very early on that our beauty lies within the confines of a nearly unattainable box, so no wonder it feels like this can’t possibly be the right time for a boudoir session. We are told our weight must be lower, our skin less wrinkled, and our breasts perky in order to show our bodies.  But while the world struggles to embrace our natural bodies, we invite you to lean into the empowering experience of boudoir–accepting and celebrating our incredible, perfectly imperfect bodies with a sexy photo shoot.

The trouble with body positivity.

Body positivity is thrown around like a casual beer on a hot summer day: “Here, have a Bud Light Lime and just decide you love your body today on the back patio!” After years of social conditioning that reinforces that small bodies are the only good bodies, and stretch marks should be covered, it isn’t that simple. It takes years of practice, changing the way we talk to and about ourselves, and a deep commitment to the process of growth. We invite you to join us in a small shift, to start thinking of your body as a her, rather than an it. When our body is an “it” being critical is easy. “It” is an object. Something to mold. Change. Modify. Most of us find it easier to celebrate other women, or at least accept them. Rarely would we say “She is too fat to do a boudoir session. She has too much cellulite on her thighs, too much flab on her arms.” And so what if today we started by speaking to our bodies the way we think of the beloved, powerful, beautifully unique women around us. What if we think of our body as a she–and celebrate her for the incredible ways she allows us to move through this world.

Feeling sexy can be hard.

For many of us, being seen as sexy feels unnatural. Feeling sexy in front of a photographer feels impossible. But the combination of professionally done hair and makeup and an incredibly gifted boudoir photographer sets the stage for an unexpectedly empowering experience. Boudoir sessions feel vulnerable, but entering that space with determination and partnering with a photographer committed to celebrating women for exactly who they are in this moment is courageous. That feeling is palpable. Through coaching her clients with everything from facial expressions to arching of backs, Mina creates beautiful lines and captures the magic that is feminine–powerful, soft, mysterious and captivating. 


Taking the Risk

So don’t wait until the scale hits some arbitrary number. Don’t wait until your jeans are a specific size or your shoulders fit into that dress from last year or your stretch marks fade a bit. Take a step toward accepting your body exactly as she is right now. Allow her to be seen by you, lean into  the vulnerability and just wait for the moment you see the photos–you might just be surprised at your capacity to celebrate the powerful, perfectly imperfect her that is you. 

I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong.

You will not determine my story – I will.” — Amy Schumer

Book with Mina today, and let us know how it doing the session felt for you!


I am a Colorado-based photographer who loves to capture amazing photos. I am originally from Colombia, I now live in the front range with my husband and my 3 small children. I began my creative expression as an industrial and interior designer but now I express these skills with a passion to capture boudoir photography. I was not always working behind the scenes, I also have experience in front of the camera. I worked as a model in Colombia for years supplying me with the personal experience required to expertly guide my clients to optimal body poses and facial expressions.
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