In-Person 1:1

Learn all the basics and advance with in-studio mentoring!!!!! Learn to use light, posing, in-person sales, editing, workflow, building the client experience and so much more. I will tailor every mentor session to YOUR needs!!

Half-Day (4 HRS) or Full-Day (8 Hrs)
of in-person mentoring.

If you are unsure which option would be the best fit for you, feel free to contact me. The total cost for 8 hours is $1200 plus travel expenses (gas, airfare, car rental, hotel). $500 due to schedule, the remaining balance of $700 plus expenses are due no later than 30 days before mentor date. The total cost for 4 hours is $700 plus travel expenses. $300 due to schedule, then the remaining balance of $400 plus expenses due no later than 30 days before mentor date.

Zoom Coaching

Just have a few questions or one particular topic you want to tackle? We can also set up a 1-hour Zoom call in which you can pick my brain on any topic you are feeling blocked about. It can be session workflow, creating the right environment, finding your signature style, social media strategy, retouching, outsourcing – you name it, we can discuss it. One hour of Zoom Coaching is $300, 2 hours is $500 and is due upon booking. 

"Mina is absolutely amazing. Thank you Mina for the beautiful pictures, you are so extraordinarily talented. You are unique in your own way and you transfer that to every piece of work you touch.”