Myrian’s Boudoir Experience

When I asked Myrian to write about her boudoir shoot experience with me, she quickly responded with a “YES!”. When I first read this, it brought me to tears. Myrian’s transformation has been one of the most memorable ones and here is her story in her own words:

I had always hated how I looked in pictures but when my friend encouraged me to sign up for a boudoir shoot with Mina, something within clicked. Despite doubts that crept into my mind, I took the plunge and booked an appointment with Mina. Was there any hope for someone who felt as if her husband no longer even noticed her? Little did I know what was about to come next!

The day of the boudoir shoot finally arrived and I was a bundle of nerves. I had no idea what to expect, but my friend had told me it would be an amazing experience. When I arrived at Mina’s studio, she greeted me with such warmth that all my insecurities just melted away. She chatted with me while doing my hair and makeup, making sure that everything looked perfect for the session.

We then started the session, Mina instructed me on different poses and movements that could make each shot look even better than before! suddenly I felt beautiful again! I started seeing myself through rose-tinted glasses once more as Mina worked her magic on set – posing, styling and guiding every step along the way until suddenly before long hours had passed by effortlessly and they were done! In front of me lay proof that yes indeed – beauty existed within myself after all.

At first, I felt a bit awkward being in front of the camera but as time went by, something inside me changed—I began to feel more confident and comfortable with myself. Each click of the shutter seemed to bring out more beauty within myself until eventually I was smiling wide for every photograph taken!

Mina showed me some photos from the back of the camera – there she was…the beautiful woman staring back at me! It was like looking into a mirror: only this time around it wasn’t filled with self-doubt or insecurity – instead it radiated love and confidence that made tears come down my cheeks uncontrollably.

Mina smiled knowingly at those tears; she knew exactly how powerful her work can be for someone who doesn’t believe they are beautiful anymore. To see yourself through someone else’s eyes is not only liberating but also life-changing…

To see myself looking so confident and empowered was an amazing feeling that filled me with joy. All my doubts melted away as soon as I saw the pictures; it truly felt like magic!

I am forever grateful to Mina for helping me realize just how powerful taking control of your own image can be; never underestimate yourself because you are capable of creating works of art with yourself at its center!

When we finished the session, Mina sent me off for a quick break while she edited the pictures. When I returned to the studio, I saw something that made my jaw drop—all of the pictures were flawless! In each one of them, there was an undeniable beauty radiating from within. It felt like someone had flipped a switch on inside of me; it was like suddenly seeing myself through brand new eyes.

I’m still in awe over how much these photos changed my self-image and perception of beauty for the better. To celebrate this newfound love for myself, I decided to get a photo album made with 20 glossy pages from our boudoir shoot!

Mina gave me a big gift, not just because she created stunningly beautiful photographs that will last forever – but also because her creative vision gave me back something priceless: self-acceptance and appreciation that nothing else could ever give.

Little did I know however, that this newfound self-appreciation would reflect outwardly as well – especially on my husband! When he saw these photos he couldn’t help but look at me differently; his eyes lit up with admiration and appreciation like never before! We both agreed it was almost as if our relationship got an upgrade too; all thanks to one boudoir session!




I am a Colorado-based photographer who loves to capture amazing photos. I am originally from Colombia, I now live in the front range with my husband and my 3 small children. I began my creative expression as an industrial and interior designer but now I express these skills with a passion to capture boudoir photography. I was not always working behind the scenes, I also have experience in front of the camera. I worked as a model in Colombia for years supplying me with the personal experience required to expertly guide my clients to optimal body poses and facial expressions.
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