Mina Rosenberg is a Colorado based photographer who loves to capture amazing photos. Originally from Colombia, Mina now lives in the front range with her husband and 3 small children. She began her creative expression in industrial and interior designer but now uses those skills to fuel her passion for portrait and life-style photography.

Mina was not always working behind the scenes, she also has experience in front of the camera. She worked as a model in Colombia for years supplying her with the personal experience required to expertly guide her clients to optimal body poses and facial expressions.

Mina fuses together the 3 elements of self-discovery, self-empowerment, and travel in order to create powerful and luxurious photographs. Whether outdoor or indoor, you can count on your photos to be expertly posed and beautifully captured.

Mina is extremely passionate about the photography industry. Always striving to go above and beyond meeting her clients’ needs, she is constantly practicing new techniques, staying on top of industry trends, and attends various relevant workshops. Mina understands that while posing for boudoir photographs can be a time of vulnerability, it’s also a time for empowerment. It’s the magical opportunity to allow ourselves to embrace our beauty, curves and sensuality, and to be seen – the way YOU want to be seen. And there is nothing more freeing or transformative! It is through Mina’s experience on the other side of the camera that she can expertly focus on making her clients feel comfortable, fabulous, and most importantly to make sure it is a FUN experience. Mina looks at you through a lens of love, with a willingness to really see YOU and all that makes YOU uniquely beautiful, powerful and sensual. Most importantly, Mina makes sure you look INCREDIBLE in your photos by collaborating with you to discover your personal objectives for the shoot.

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Boudoir by Mina