Why I don’t sell digital files at Boudoir by Mina

 I recently had a client ask me why I choose not to sell the digital files of the images that I take. So I thought this would be a good opportunity to discuss that here. While there are many reasons why I don’t offer the digital files as a standalone product, I will be going over the main three that are important to me. Keep in mind there are physical packages that I offer that do include the digital files as well.

The first and most important reason to me is that digital photos don’t really show the experience that a luxury boudoir session with me entails. This is a very special experience that includes hair and makeup, access to our collection of gorgeous lingerie, coaching from me throughout the entire shoot, and much more. Receiving one of our beautiful custom albums or framed prints really shows the care that I put into my work.

Another more obvious reason has to do with maintaining control over the quality of my finished products. When you receive one of the packages from Boudoir by Mina, I want you to be blown away! If I sent someone home with just the digital copy, who knows how those images are going to be printed or what they’re going to be printed on. I’m not comfortable putting my work out there, in a way that I didn’t intend for it to be. These images are being shown as a representation of me and my work, so I want to maintain control over the quality.

And finally, most of the images that I take as a Boudoir Photographer, are of a personal nature. A lot of my clients aren’t going to want to be posting these images on their public profiles, which is usually how digital images are shared. So they will in all likelihood be sitting on a hard drive forever. Instead, you’re going to have a beautiful photo album or something special to commemorate this moment in time.

Whether you had these pictures taken as a gift for a significant other, or a treat for reaching some milestone in your life, or just because you felt like it, you did this for you and you chose the luxurious experience of working with me. So understand when I say that I want you to leave with the best product possible.



I am a Colorado-based photographer who loves to capture amazing photos. I am originally from Colombia, I now live in the front range with my husband and my 3 small children. I began my creative expression as an industrial and interior designer but now I express these skills with a passion to capture boudoir photography. I was not always working behind the scenes, I also have experience in front of the camera. I worked as a model in Colombia for years supplying me with the personal experience required to expertly guide my clients to optimal body poses and facial expressions.
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