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Why Boudoir Photography? | Colorado Boudoir photographer

Boudoir photography to celebrate your body, has been around for more than 100 years. It was originally used in French brothels to attract new clients. Today, it’s a way for women to celebrate their bodies and femininity.

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The Power of Boudoir Photos

Boudoir is empowering because it allows women of all shapes and sizes to feel sexy without worrying what others think of their bodies. As one client said after her session: “I love that my body shape isn’t idealized.” This was echoed by another client who said she enjoyed “feeling sexy despite being plus-sized.”

For many, it can be tough to embrace their beauty before they have evidence – like photos or footage. But in our ultra-visual world, where much of the day is spent combing through pixels on screens that don’t always show what’s real and true? That makes sense!

Guiding clients toward greater self-acceptance, photography can help people relax and feel more at ease when someone else takes the reins to capture amazing images.

With a few posing techniques in front of the lens, I offer you an opportunity to accept yoursefe with even greater positivity within only moments!

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why I love Boudoir Photography

I’m passionate about boudoir photography because I want everyone to experience their own beauty. Seeing these special reactions when looking at themselves is something that has changed me forever and drives my commitment towards this art form every day.

A Luxurious Transformation

Stepping into the studio, a nervous energy radiates from my clients. Shaky hands and voices, sweaty palms – I’ve seen it all! Yet once they settle in for their hair and makeup session, there is nothing but pure relaxation. The transformation has already begun…

The shoot starts off with some warm-up series of pictures that always prompt an enthralled reaction: “Oh my God! Is this really me?!” As the laughter begins to flow between shots and smiles arise on her face, she gradually feels incredibly empowered – sexy even! This luxurious transformation is why people love coming back again & again; truly embracing every bit of beauty within themselves along each visit.

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A little pice of my story

When I became a mom, my life changed drastically – mentally and physically. But it was photography that saved me; gave me the chance to work with other moms, women in various stages of life. At first it was newborn photos but then boudoir photography entered the picture…and THAT’S when I felt like I made an impact!

Transformation is real through capturing stunning moments of each woman’s journey towards self-love and acceptance. To this day, Boudoir Photography serves as a powerful therapy for many – celebrating all unique bodies and embracing who you are authentically.

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Yup! That’s me at my boudoir shoot!

Become the queen of your own show – explore, grow and celebrate who you are with a luxurious boudoir experience. I’m here to help guide that journey; let me highlight all the sparkle within yourself so you can learn how to love unapologetically. Ready for this empowering adventure? Let’s book it!.